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SHOEI Neotec Helmet construction

A helmet for all occasions that adapts to any situation, no matter where your next journey takes you. SHOEI Neotec II will do it all flawlessly and beautifully.

The versatility of a true 2-in-1 modular helmet comes with next-level aerodynamics, an internal sun visor, PinlockĀ® EVO anti-fog film and the ability to seamlessly integrate with the SENA SRL communication system and the new SRL MESH.

The helmet is the pinnacle of modular design, which is great for modern motorcycles.


SHOEI Neotec Modular system

NEOTEC II is a true 2-in-1 modular helmet.

The modernized modular functionality of the helmet is homologated according to the P/J double standard: both closed (integral) and open helmet (with raised visor).

  • Complete safety and protection of an integral helmet
  • Ability to ride with an open helmet visor
  • Instant conversion to an open helmet
  • Large release button makes it easy to use with gloves
  • Brand new double locking system improves visor retention in open and closed positions
Helmet SHOEI NEOTEC II Modular system

For maximum head protection, it is strongly recommended that you ride your motorcycle with the helmet visor fully closed.

SHOEI Neotec Aerodynamics

The sophisticated aerodynamics of the helmet, which has been refined in a wind tunnel, is optimized for different types of motorcycles and riding position.

The integrated spoiler has been modified to reduce air resistance and lift.

The upper air vent acts as a spoiler in an upright riding position, and in a sporty position, the rear shape of the helmet acts as a spoiler.

In addition to the streamlined shape and spoiler, the innovative NEOTEC II top air vent design, chin visor vent and chin spoiler reduce unwanted wind noise and allow for easy control of the airflow around the helmet in a variety of riding conditions.

SHOEI NEOTEC II Aerodynamics

SHOEI Neotec Clear visibility

The advanced NEOTEC II visor system provides a great view without distortion. The smooth step opening system allows you to easily adjust the position of the visor, which can be easily removed without the use of tools.

The internal sun visor provides instant glare protection in one quick and easy move.

The all-new visor design provides improved air and water sealing and noise reduction.

The visor protects against 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Special 3D injection-molded visor technology ensures distortion-free visibility across the entire field of vision.

The helmet comes with a special PinlockĀ® EVO anti-fog film.

NEOTEC II visor system
The advanced NEOTEC II visor system

SHOEI Neotec Ventilation

Special studies in the wind tunnel and climate chamber have improved the air circulation inside the helmet, improving the intake of cold air and the removal of hot air, in order to increase comfort and ensure maximum concentration for the rider.

Approximately 70% more airflow compared to first generation NEOTEC.

The helmet features large top and bottom vents that are easy to adjust even with gloves on while riding.

The lower air intake vents air to the inside of the visor to effectively combat fogging.

The top air intake has 3 opening positions for optimal air adjustment. In addition, it is equipped with air vents to improve hot air purification.

The unique top air vent effectively removes hot air and moisture.

NEOTEC II ventilation is ready for any weather conditions and your adventures.

NEOTEC II ventilation
NEOTEC II ventilation


Few characteristics of a motorcycle helmet are as important as its level of protection. That’s why NEOTEC II features SHOEI’s exclusive AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) shell and Multi-Piece EPS inner layer.

The composite shell is made from a patented five-layer matrix, which consists of hand-laid interlaced layers of fiberglass with organic fibers and resin, providing great rigidity and elasticity with a very light weight.

The inner layer provides enhanced shock absorption through the use of foam of different densities. Precise placement of high-density EPS material maintains a lightweight and compact design.

The all-new adjustable chin strap with stainless steel Micro Rathcet buckle provides quick and secure fit with unparalleled comfort.

The helmet comes in 3 monocoque sizes and 7 sizes from XXS to XXL.

NEOTEC II safety
NEOTEC II features SHOEI’s exclusive AIM

SHOEI Neotec Comfort

The inner lining has been designed from the ground up to provide maximum comfort in all types of driving situations, including long journeys.

Thanks to the three-dimensional construction with materials of different densities, depending on the area of contact with the pilot’s face, a secure and comfortable fit is guaranteed throughout the trip. The inner lining is completely removable and washable and comes with several extra sizes to achieve the perfect fit to your head.

New side airbags designed to reduce noise. When the helmet is closed, the pads will be pressed tightly against the chin to avoid possible turbulence caused by wind at the bottom of the helmet, providing high comfort and sound isolation.

The ear space has pads to reduce noise. If necessary, they can be removed to install the loudspeakers of the communication system.

A perfect fit is ensured in every helmet size thanks to the use of three monocoque sizes: XXS – M, L and XL-XXL.

NEOTEC II comfort
NEOTEC II comfort

Communication system

Communications systems have become an increasingly sought-after accessory for communicating with the passenger and other riders, listening to music, receiving calls and receiving navigation system readings. Modular helmet wearers especially use this accessory.

For the new NEOTEC II, the SENA SRL / SRL2 system and the new SRL MESH system with Harman Kardon speakers were specially developed that can be easily integrated into the helmet without affecting safety and comfort. To do this, the helmet has two triangular zones in the lower part, in which the module and antenna are installed, and the battery is installed in the back of the helmet. Each compartment has a lid, so the appearance of the helmet does not change if the communication system is not installed.

The system works on Bluetooth technology at a distance of up to 1.6 km, supporting group communication of up to 8 motorcyclists via a universal channel (compatible with other manufacturers). Two channels of communication for multimedia (smartphone – GPS) with the possibility of voice commands, an integrated FM radio and an application for iPhone and Android. The system is waterproof and works up to 10 hours without recharging.

You can also use the popular universal communication systems that attach to the outside of the helmet.

Communication systems are purchased separately from the helmet.

NEOTEC II Communication system
NEOTEC II Communication system

SHOEI – quality from Japan

The SHOEI name has long been synonymous with premium in the motorcycle helmet market.
Latest advances, high technology, state-of-the-art testing methods, advanced materials and over 60 years of experience in helmet design. SHOEI today is still handcrafted in Japan using a complex process that involves more than 50 people for each helmet.

SHOEI products have become popular all over the world in a very short time, even by the standards of today’s fast paced times. SHOEI was founded in 1958. Initially, all her efforts were directed to the development of helmets exclusively for road racing.

Already in 1965, SHOEI became the official supplier for Honda.

Since the late sixties, SHOEI has gained a reputation as the best brand for quality, high-tech helmets, first in the US and later in Europe.

Almost everyone who has ever been involved in the motorcycle industry is familiar with SHOEI products, despite the fact that the company’s staff has never exceeded 500 people.

All helmets and all components are made in Japan, despite the fact that production costs have long exceeded those of many European companies.

One of the reasons for true Japanese quality is that the Japanese are renowned for their dedication to work and often work for the same company all their lives.

SHOEI employees perceive the manufacture of each helmet and the execution of each technological operation as a personal challenge to their professionalism and honor. Manufacturing defects are an unheard of rarity for SHOEI. Every, even the most insignificant and inconspicuous detail reflects the spirit, ambition and professionalism that is so characteristic of SHOEI products.

Every helmet that leaves the factory in Ibaraki and Iwate is subjected to increased quality control.

Quality control at the development stage

ECE, Snell and DOT safety standards play a major role in the helmet development process. The helmet shell and internal components are tested for strength and resilience, resulting in a helmet that meets the standards and still has all the benefits of the original design.

Quality control in production

At all stages of the production of SHOEI, from the first steps in the production of the helmet shell to the final assembly, strict quality control is implemented. In addition, product samples are randomly taken and tested during the production process. Every year, around 3,000 helmets are tested to destruction, and this contributes significantly to the quality of the finished product.

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