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Fifteen years ago, open-face helmets were the norm for skydiving, and only RW teams used full-face skydiving helmet. But with the increasing number of wind tunnels on our planet, as well as the emergence of many different disciplines involving skydiving in close proximity, many jumpers and tunnel pilots are immediately switching to a full face helmet as their first and only helmet.

With several different versions and brands to choose from, which one should you choose? We will tell you about the characteristics, differences, prices, and give you some customer reviews so that you can make the most informed choice. So, let’s begin!

1. Сookie G4 skydiving helmet

Сookie G4 helmet
Сookie G4 helmet

Cookie Helmets has fully developed the G4 helmet as its own helmet while learning from previous Gas, G2 and G3 models. Key features of the G4 include the helmet’s lifelong reclining visor mechanisms, fuller head coverage combined with XP S 72-600 certification and improved ventilation throughout the helmet.

When closed, the G4 visor retracts into the helmet to reduce wind noise inside, and the new case sizes fit a wider range of head sizes. The visors have a Skydiving Helmet Screen ECP-001 06/2019 impact rating at 90m/s, and have been tested for fogging, brightness, optical quality and UV.


  • Certified in accordance with the XP S 72-600 skydiving helmet and wind tunnel standard
  • Same excellent field of vision as the G3
  • Upgraded inner construction for a better fit
  • Easy installation of sonic altimeters
  • Longer back of helmet provides more coverage for head protection
  • More protection in the temple area as the visor mechanism is also thinner
  • The visor mechanism is similar in operation to the G3, but designed to require no additional maintenance
  • Very quiet inside, as it is better sealed in all areas, and the external shape is smooth and fluid in design
  • No glue to hold the chin guard in place
  • Cool inside due to ventilation design
  • Ventilation adjuster can be adjusted by the user
  • One visor fits all G4 helmet sizes
  • Includes fabric helmet bag with mesh ventilation hole for moisture evaporation
  • $479
  • Impact-rated helmet
  • Impact-rated visor
  • Single audible pockets on each side
  • Camera and FlySight mounts available, but if installed will affect the impact rating
  • No cutaway system available
  • Clear, Tinted, Orange & Blue Mirror visor available
  • Different color side plate options with additional custom engraving available.
  • Liners can be removed, washed and swapped to make different sizes within the shell sizes (XS-Small, Medium-Large and XL-2XL)


BrandCookie Helmets
Audible Pockets or MountsLeft Inner Pocket, Right Inner Pocket
Camera Mount OptionsTop Mount
Chin Fastener OptionsStandard Fastner Only
Liner TypeExpanded Poly Propylene. A multi Impact foam w/Removable and Washable soft liner insert.
Shell MaterialHigh Impact ABS / Polycarbonate Blend
Sizes AvailableYouth Medium, Youth Large, XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL
Helmet TypeFull Face
Colors AvailableBlack, Blue, Green, Grey, Lime, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, White, Yellow
Visor Flips UpYes
Visor TintClear
Price ViewPrice Range

The liners can be interchanged in the same shell size. Shell size Small is used for Youth Medium, Youth Large, XS & Small pads, shell size Medium is used for Medium and Large pads, and shell size Large is used for XL and 2XL pads.

G4 pads are removable and washable. Can be washed in warm water by hand, no machine washing. Allow the liner to air dry. Do not detach the chin pad from the helmet, otherwise you will have great difficulty putting the spectral cord back through the helmet.

Cookie G4 differences

2. TONFLY TFX skydiving helmet


The revolutionary TFX carbon helmet from Tonfly. It would seem, what else is there to improve in today’s closed helmets? All already provide good visibility and protect your face not only from the wind with a thin plastic “film”. And here! It turns out that the modern closed helmet for skydiving and flying in the aerotube can also provide protection from the impact no worse than motorcycle helmets. This is the first closed helmet with an EPP liner, not foam from a construction store. The design is not limited to color selection, there is an opportunity to combine colors in different variants, choose glossy or matte coating. What used to be considered a simple airbrush is now available in a factory version.

The Tonfly TFX fits perfectly not only by size, but also by the shape of your head and face. Cheeks sticking out from under the visor, compressed temples, nose flattened across the visor – all this can be taken, photographed, posted to insta and forgotten like a bad dream. After that we will find the perfect combination of shell and inner lining of different shapes to make the helmet close to the anatomical one. 33 possible fitting options! We won’t be able to help you only if your head has taken a 34 shape. In that case, though, we have a bunch of other helmets.

Not for comfort in the first place, but for good protection from shocks, as the impact force should be evenly distributed over the maximum possible area, rather than concentrated in one point. If the helmet presses somewhere, this place will take the brunt of the impact. Of course, we all hope that we are not in danger of a collision, so comfort is also a big plus for the Tonfly TFX.

The degree of protection has several international certifications:

AFNOR XP S 72-600 (parachute and aero tubing)
EN966 + A1:2012 (aviation sports)
UNI EN 166:2004, UNI EN 167:2003, UNI EN 168:2003 (eye protection)
What do these hieroglyphs mean? I don’t know… It’s a hell of a lot of rules out there. For us it was enough to see TFX endure the ungodly blows of the hammer on the visor.

The girls are in the throes of choosing. 9 colors. Matte or glossy finish. 3 separate elements (shell, chinstrap, washers on visor mount). Optional X-design shell paint. 4 colors optional logo. 2 visor types. All of this gives you 864 (in words: eight hundred and sixty-four) design options for your TFX helmet. Factory design, not custom airbrushing. Identical helmets will be very rare. This, of course, is a problem for the girls… Now the color selection process will take forever…

Tilting chin. What the hell? Turns out to be a necessary thing when the helmet wraps tightly around your head on all sides. Can’t wear a TFX helmet without it. The additional bonus is that you can talk, drink, smoke and do other obscenities without taking your head out of the helmet.

Helmet with “air conditioning”. TFX ventilation is designed in such a way that not only the visor is blown, but also your head. It is clear, that sweaty hair does not obstruct your vision, but for such money the helmet must have if not an air conditioner, then at least vents.

A spoonful of tint. Now for the one drawback of the Tonfly TFX. 864 designs and 33 sizes give you 28512 design and size combinations. Naturally, keeping that many in stock is not realistic, even for a global brand. That’s why there’s only a fitting kit available for sizing. But if you are a little patient and wait for your TFX helmet, which nobody even tried on before you, you will be glad that it is much bigger. As it will be really… Perfect…


  • $578
  • Impact Helmet
  • Impact visor
  • Single sound pockets on each side
  • Camera mounts and cutout system not available
  • Transparent or smoky visor
  • Mix and match colors of body, chin and side plates
  • Modular one-handed visor and chin opening system
  • Anti-allergic, removable, washable lining


Weight2.25 lbs.
Helmet8.75 inches wide and 8 inches high
Field of view11″ wide by 4.75″ high
TFX Commercial Promo

3. Square1 KISS helmet

Square1 KISS
Square1 KISS

The modern, high-performance, multi-purpose KISS parachute helmet features a 2mm polycarbonate lens with a full face view, panoramic view, patented anti-fogging ventilation that reduces fogging in all conditions, and the new Quick-Tight Latch Closure System, which uses two levers to tighten or loosen the helmet. These technologies, combined with our proven quick lens change system, make the KISS the most advanced full-face skydiving helmet available.

Square1 began manufacturing full-face helmets in the last few years and has quickly gained popularity for its easy-to-use, durable and easy-to-replace flip-up visors. The KISS helmet is the “premium” helmet in Square1’s line of full-face helmets.

The KISS helmet is the only modern full-face helmet with external access to sound altimeters through the included adapter rings for sound pockets and ports. You can leave the ports closed for traditional sonic pocket installation or open the ports with adapters to place the sonics for outside access.

Prices for the KISS fluctuate widely depending on the manufacturer. It has been low at $199 and high at $428, where it is currently. Those who purchase the KISS do nothing but rave about its capabilities and large field of view.


  • $428
  • Single sound pockets and exterior access ports on each side
  • Third-party camera mounts
  • No system provided, but third-party camera mounts are available
  • Transparent, tinted and mirrored visors
  • Two-tone helmets available
  • Non-adjustable helmet pads/sizes
  • Patented anti-fogging ventilation system
  • Quick-closing latch system
  • Dual sound pockets with external access
  • Full face visibility
  • Panoramic visibility
  • 2 mm thick polycarbonate lens for superior protection


Weight48 oz/ 2.09 pounds
Dimensions14 × 12 × 10 in
Size KISS2XL (23.5″-24″), Large (22.5″-23″), Medium (22″-22.5″), Small (21″-22″), XL (22.75″-23.5″), XS (20″-21″)
Width and lengthHelmet 8.5″ wide by 7″ tall
ColorGloss Black, Matte Black, Matte Gray, Matte Green, Matte Navy Blue, Matte Orange, Matte Purple, Matte Red, Matte Royal Blue, Matte White, Matte Yellow
Field of vision12.5″ wide by 5.5″ high
How To Use a KISS Full-Faced Skydiving Helmet

4. PHANTOM XV helmet


The first thing we want to start with is quality. Quality is the reason why we don’t want to sell you this helmet. The most common problem is the visor falling off. Whether on old or new helmets, it happens all too often. Repair is possible. It comes under the warranty. But it takes time. And to stay without visor on the first jump in the new helmet right after separation is not a good impression. But, of course, for this price you can get this helmet.

One of the first representatives of the “new generation” helmets. Unlike earlier models it has:

  • Comfortable clasp, which in one movement fixes the helmet on the head;
  • 2mm thick polycarbonate lens which now protects not only from the wind but also from impacts;
  • Panoramic view;
  • A more “predatory” appearance;
  • Convenient system to open/close and change visor.
    Our opinion: A good compromise between quality and price.

Square1 released the Phantom X as its first full-face helmet and soon updated it with the XV. This helmet has remained reliable and popular, and continues to be loved by skydivers and wind tunnel enthusiasts around the world.

Price is the biggest initial appeal of this helmet, as the Phantom XV costs $249. But then, those who buy this helmet say it does everything you need and expect from a full-face jump helmet.

The upgrade of the Model X to the Model XV is in the ventilation system. The XV has an additional ventilation feature that directs some of the air coming through the mouth opening to the inside of the visor to reduce fogging. Aside from this extra feature, the X and XV helmets look and work the same.

Both the Phantom X and the Phantom XV use the same visor mechanism, which has the same advantage as the KISS: no tools are required to replace or remove the visor for cleaning.

The Phantom X and XV’s tightening system is similar to the non-existent Factory Diver and Oxygn helmets with a side strap. But Square1 has replaced the old Velcro technology with a more secure latch, and simplified the adjustment with a clip on the outside.


  • $249
  • Single sound pocket on left side
  • No cutoff system, but third-party helmet mounts available
  • Transparent and tinted visors
  • Non-adjustable helmet padding/sizing
  • Provides superior protection
  • Opens and closes with ease
  • Antifog and scratch resistant

The only disadvantage is that the helmet is hard to find, since it is discontinued.


DimensionsXS – 51-52 см
S – 52-53 см
M – 53-55 см
L – 55-57 см
XL – 57-59 см
XXL – 59-61 см
2 mm polycarbonate lensProvides superior protection
Opens and closes with ease
Anti-fog coating against lens fogging
Anti-scratch coating
Easy to clean
Competent elaborationWidest field of view
Double lens locks (1 on each side)
Protected pockets for sounders
Proven helmet locking system with adjustable buckle
How to properly install and remove the lens on a Phantom X/XV helmet

5. Bonehead Fusion helmet

Bonehead Fusion
Bonehead Fusion

Bonehead’s Fusion helmet combines design elements of the AERO and Rev2 helmets. Bonehead has retained the AERO’s wide field of vision, but has added the ability to open the visor with one hand using a side button. When lowered, the visor helps secure the helmet to your head with a built-in chincoat, giving it a similarity to the Rev2.

The Fusion Full Face helmet is made with premium, vacuum-formed carbon fiber composites. The Fusion Full Face has the feel of an open-face helmet when the visor is retracted, providing a comfortable ride at altitude or waiting in a tunnel chamber.

Spring-loaded CNC aluminum visor locks feature a button for easy one-handed visor opening, with the visor securely locked in the lowered position. The carbon chin cup has a leather comfort tab that securely secures the helmet under the chin.

The polycarbonate visors have an anti-fog coating and are designed to allow air to flow around the visor inside the helmet, whether it lies belly to the ground or head down so it doesn’t fog up.

The back of the helmet has a neoprene wetsuit velcro neck strap. The helmet is the same as our standard design, removable for washing, and has convenient pockets on both sides. The liners are adjustable, and each liner can be adjusted independently of the others, providing the perfect fit for your unique head shape.

Durable, quality Bonehead Composites helmets are designed and manufactured by us in the USA from carbon fiber, not the plastic that most skydiving helmet manufacturers now use. We strive for perfection, so we continue to make helmets from composites rather than less expensive molded plastic; carbon fiber for strength and fiberglass for cushioning.


  • The Fusion has the same wide field of view as the Aero, but the added chincop at the base of the visor keeps the helmet from shifting on your head in a freefall or wind tunnel.
  • The visor opens with one hand using a button on the side, rather than two hands as with most modern fullface helmets.
  • When the visor is fully open, the helmet feels like an open-face helmet because the chin is fully exposed, like in the Rev2 and REvolve. You can also remove the visor to use the helmet simply as an open face helmet.
  • The liner is fully removable and washable.
  • Optional visors are available in smoke, dark smoke or clear.
  • High quality vacuum-formed carbon fiber composite housing (not plastic)!
  • 2mm molded polycarbonate lens, also available in tinted gray and dark black.
  • Scratch-resistant and anti-fog lens.
  • Removable and washable liner.
  • Ideal for instructors.
  • Compatible with eyeglasses.

Characteristics/ size

BrandBonehead Composites
Audible Pockets or MountsLeft Inner Pocket, Right Inner Pocket
Camera Mount OptionsRequires Additional Hardware
Chin Fastener OptionsChin Cup
Liner TypeThermal-Fit liner
Shell MaterialCarbon Fiber
Sizes AvailableXS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL
Helmet TypeFull/Open Face Combo
Colors AvailableBlack, Flat Black, Flat Carbon, Gloss Black, Gloss Carbon
Visor Flips UpYes
Visor TintClear
Price ViewPrice Range
Characteristics/ size
Bonehead Fusion Full Face Helmet review

In conclusion

If you are going to order a helmet online, be sure to check the measurement guide in each listing. Measure your head and choose the helmet that best fits your head size.

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