The best protective helmets for motocross expert review

Welcome to this publication, which takes a closer look at one of the most important pieces of equipment for motorsport enthusiasts – the protective helmets for motocross. In the world of motorsports, the right helmet can make all the difference between a safe and enjoyable ride and a potentially dangerous one.

In this expert review, we have taken a closer look at some of the top protective helmets available for motorsport enthusiasts. We have examined the features and technologies that make these helmets stand out, as well as their ability to provide the level of protection that riders need on the road or track.

At a time when safety concerns are at an all-time high, this review offers valuable insights and information for anyone who wants to stay safe while enjoying their passion for motorsports. By learning more about the latest helmet options and making an informed decision about the right one for their needs, riders can enjoy the thrill of the ride with confidence and peace of mind.

We hope that this review will be a valuable resource for anyone who is passionate about motorsports and committed to staying safe on the road or track. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

We have carefully analyzed popular brands and compiled the best list of helmets for motorsports. Well, let’s get started!

1. AGV K-1 Matt Black L

AGV K-1 Matt Black L helmets
AGV K-1 Matt Black L

An innovative helmet-integrated, sporty style helmet that protects the motorcyclist during both relaxed city rides and extreme highway riding. The model received 4 out of 5 stars in the SHARP safety tests. The case, made in 2 sizes for a perfect fit, is made of high-strength HIR-TH thermoplastic, making it resistant to warping and mechanical damage. The inner shell, consisting of impact-resistant, multi-layer EPS foam, is made in 3 sizes for a significant increase in safety. Washable, quick-release lining has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, absorbs sweat well, dries quickly, and neutralizes unpleasant odors. Efficient ventilation system includes 3 upper built-in air intakes and rear spoiler with air ducts, which provide maximum air circulation and cooling. The impact resistant polycarbonate visor, fitted with the XQRS (Extra Quick Release System), provides a 190 degree horizontal viewing angle. It’s also prepared for fog cover installation and attaches without tools. The double DD buckle ensures a secure closure for increased safety. Reflective elements increase visibility at night. Perfect helmet for those looking for stylish design and good value for money.

Features of this helmets

  • The body of the helmet is made of durable HIR-TH material
  • 2 body sizes
  • 3 sizes of EPS inner shell
  • Complies with ECE 2205 certification
  • Efficient ventilation system includes 3 top mounted air inlets and a rear spoiler with air ducts
  • Quick visor change system without additional tools XQRS
  • Scratch resistant helmet visor
  • Fully removable washable inner liner
  • Reflective safety features for extra safety at night
  • Double DD buckle

Characteristics of this helmets

Body materialHIR-TH thermoplastic
Weight1490 g (+/-50 g)
BrandAGV – Italy
ColorMatt Black
HelmetsIntegral (full-face)
Characteristics AGV K-1 Matt Black L
AGV K-1 Matt Black L helmets
AGV K-1 Matt Black L

The comfort of the helmet is not left out, the helmet is equipped with a removable, hypoallergenic Dry-Comfort lining.


  • The thermoplastic shell of the helmet provides great elasticity and strength and is made in two sizes.
  • The compact shape of the helmet is a plus in terms of comfort, aerodynamic efficiency and safety by reducing the volume of potential impact areas.
  • The four levels of density structure of the EPS inner shell guarantee excellent impact protection.
  • The AGV K1 is designed in 4 different sizes of inner shell to better fit the anatomy of the pilots. The total weight of the helmet is 1,500 g


  • The ventilation system of the AGV K1 helmet is fully adjustable and offers unlimited possibilities: it consists of 5 adjustable front air intakes that can be adjusted individually without removing the gloves.
  • The exhaust extractors are located in the edge of the spoiler, allowing a constant airflow throughout the ride.
  • The central air intake is identical to the Pista GP R designed for MotoGP riders and is designed to get more air into the helmet when the rider is in a sporty position on the bike. The extra volume of incoming air allows for faster heat exchange and consequently increases the rider’s comfort.


Aerodynamic spoiler performs several functions:

  • increases the stability of the helmet at high speeds,
  • allows the venting ducts to pass through to ensure a constant flow of air.
  • In the event of a fall, the spoiler immediately disengages to increase the helmet’s passive safety.


  • The AGV K1 helmet has a panoramic visor with a viewing angle of 190 degrees.
  • Thanks to the Micro Mech opening mechanism, the visor can be fixed in four positions and can be quickly changed without tools.
  • The visor is anti-glare and can be fitted with a PinlockĀ® lens.
AGV K1 Helmet | BEFORE You Buy | Honest Review 2021



EVS CYPHER STREET HELMET MAVERICK is an integral helmet, which will be an excellent addition to any class of motorcycle. The EVS CYPHER MAVERICK helmet is designed in the USA with the motorcyclist’s needs in mind, namely safety (DOT, ECE certification). The EVS Cypher is a closed helmet integral for the city with built-in retractable sunglasses and a comfortable, removable and washable soft suede inner padding.

Features of this helmets

  • DOT/ECE certification;
  • Made of ABS plastic (thermoplastic copolymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene) by injection molding;
  • 1,680 g +/- 50 g (size L);
  • Quick visor removal;
  • Built-in retractable sunglasses;
  • Removable washable suede inner lining;
  • Adjustable ventilation on forehead and chin.
  • Availability of an anti-fog system;
  • Availability of a sun visor;
  • Availability of built-in ventilation;
  • Rugged case.

Characteristics of this helmets

Helmet typeIntegral (closed)
Helmet sizeXS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Visor protectionFrom scratches
MaterialABS plastic
ColorMany different colors
Extras1. Existence of anti-fog system
2. Removable washable suede inner lining
3. Adjustable ventilation on the forehead and chin.

3. LS2 OF573 Twister II Xover Titanium

LS2 OF573 Twister II Xover Titanium Purple helmets
LS2 OF573 Twister II Xover Titanium Purple

The LS2 OF573 Twister II open semi-face helmet with low down visor and sunglasses. The lightweight semi-face helmet is suitable for owners of mopeds, scooters and small bikes. Not a bad urban option for those who want to buy a quality helmet with certified protection and not high price.

The LS2 OF573 Twister II motorcycle helmet has everything you could possibly want in an open-face helmet – lightweight, safe, modern and extremely versatile thanks to the Twin Shield System: integrated sunglasses and a folding, adjustable visor.
The robust and secure HPTT shell with excellent energy absorption is equipped with an efficient dynamic through ventilation system with front and rear vents. The clear, optically correct, scratch-resistant visor features a spoiler to help reduce turbulence and is easy to adjust.
The comfortable, fully removable, washable, hypoallergenic inner padding ensures comfort in both cold and hot weather. The helmet fastens with a steel quick-release micrometer buckle. The bright LS2 OF573 Twister II weighs only 1150 g.

Features of this helmets

  • Shell: HPTT aerodynamic composite
  • Attractive and safe high visibility daytime color
  • Visor: Anti-scratch, anti-fog, clear, 3D, optically correct “A-class”, quick removal without tools, lower spoiler to reduce turbulence and better control of the visor
  • Sun visor: internal retractable sun visor, Twin Shield System
  • Ventilation system: Dynamic flow-through ventilation with fully adjustable upper air intake and rear exhaust vents
  • Interior: Moisture-repellent, antibacterial, fully removable interior lining with snaps, machine washable
  • Fasteners: quick-release micrometer buckles
  • Weight: 1150 g +/- 50 g

Characteristics of this helmets

BrandLS2 – Spain
ColorMatt Titanium
HelmetsOpen (jet)
SizeXS. S, M, L, XL
Visor protectionScratch guard
ExtrasReinforced strap.
Metal protection plate on the strap.
Reflective safety inserts.
Multilayer EPS
Helmet typeOutdoor
Characteristics LS2 OF573 Twister II Xover Titanium


LS2 visors are made of Polycarbonate with 3D Optically Correct “A Class”, a highly resistant polymer that avoids distortion and provides maximum clarity.

  • Dual visor system (retractable goggles)
  • Visor quick release system
  • scratch resistant
  • UV Protection
  • Fogging resistance


  • Removable and washable
  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Laser cut foam

Safety System

To provide good protection, the helmet must fit your head to perfection, special attention must be paid to the shape of the shell and the materials to minimize the effects of possible exposure. It is the key to a perfect fit of your head from the outside in, as well as the shell, the configuration of the EPS liner, which must conform exactly to the shape of the human head.

  • Steel quick release buckle
  • Reinforced strap
  • Multilayer EPS

Ventilation system

  • Duct ventilation
  • Overhead ventilation
  • Heat exhaust ducts
LS2 Twister II

4. Airoh Phantom S

Airoh Phantom S helmets
Airoh Phantom S

Continues our review of the best motorcycle helmets Airoh Phantom S
The base of the helmet is a thermoplastic shell, which is made very competently – the helmet is certified according to the Euro-norms in both positions of the jaw.
The design itself is classic – with a quick release outer visor and an additional inner one, without any “frills”. View angle from the helmet can not be called narrowed, to control the road will not require unnecessary rotation of the head. There are preparations for the installation of Bluetooth-headset.

Helmet sits comfortably on the “own” size head, without unnecessary pressure or a feeling that something under the removable “comfort” excessively protrudes. Noise isolation is also not bad – in the closed position there can be even some acoustic discomfort, but you get used to it quickly.

This year’s helmet from the Italian manufacturer will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding hikers. Careful craftsmanship, excellent materials and a hairpin in the package put this helmet in the group of higher class products. We like the well-designed ACVS ventilation system and space for dedicated intercoms. The wide visor provides an optimal field of view. The helmet is adapted for use with goggles.

Features of this helmets

  • Thermoplastic outer jacket.
  • High quality paint finish.
  • Glass is scratch resistant.
  • Lifting cheekbone (helmet-modulator).
  • Sun tinted glass built in.
  • Two modes of use: closed and open.
  • Includes “Pinlock” lick.
  • BLUETOOTH wireless communication module ready for installation
  • Chin vents.
  • Rear air outlet.
  • wind deflector on the chin.
  • Anatomic panel structure.
  • Removable and washable inner lining.
  • Removable cheek pads.

Characteristics of this helmets

HeadsetPreparation for headset
Sun ProtectionSun visor
Number of exterior shells1
PinlockPinlock included
CertificationECE 22.05
Characteristics Airoh Phantom S
Airoh Phantom-S

5. Held by Schuberth H-C3

 Held by Schuberth H-C3 helmets
Held by Schuberth H-C3

The renowned and respected Schuberth C3, especially for Held. Extremely quiet and comfortable, thoughtfully designed down to the smallest detail, for maximum comfort on the go. Rigid fiberglass body hides effective ventilation, sunscreen and removable washable liner. Available in seven sizes. Held helmets made by SCHUBERTH – bikers can count on this double promise of quality in the coming season. In 2018, the collection of the prestigious Held brand will be expanded with five SCHUBERTH helmet models. The “made by SCHUBERTH” helmets will be available in 14 different variations and will perfectly match other Held products in color, design and performance. The selection of models perfectly complements Held’s current sports, adventure and travel portfolio. Based on the SCHUBERTH R2 and SR2 helmets, Held offers H-R2 Ride and H-SR2 Race versions. The Held H-E1 Adventure helmet is largely based on the successful SCHUBERTH E1. Held’s H-C3 Trip and H-C4 Tour models are based on the SCHUBERTH C3 Basic flip-up helmet with a proven track record of over 100,000 helmets sold worldwide and the cutting-edge SCHUBERTH C4 flip-up helmet.

Features of this helmets

  • washable inner lining scratch resistant visor.
  • quick release ratchet chin strap buckle.
  • Inc. visor.
  • Air intakes on the front & Chin.
  • 2 outer shell.

Characteristics of this helmets

CategoryMotorcycle helmets
Characteristics Held by Schuberth H-C3


  • Fiberglass Helmet – DFP Composite
  • Fiberglass with the addition of resin compressed in a vacuum under pressure to form the shell of the helmet – making the shell extremely hard and safe.
  • The design of the helmet provides exceptional force absorption for increased safety.
  • 2 shell sizes (53-59, 61-63) – provide maximum fit and safety
  • Transparent lens adapted to fit Pinlock clasp (Pinlock included)
  • The robust Microlock clasp ensures an optimal fit for the helmet.
  • It is ECE 22.05 approved.


  • Seamless removable ShinyTex interior and 3D ComfortFit with removable side pads.
  • Special ShinyTex interior lining provides a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Built-in Bluetooth antenna gives you the ability to connect to your phone, GPS and for internal communication with other SRC owners.


  • Adjustable ventilation on the chin and forehead.
  • The Schuberth H-C3 holder features a system of internal ventilation channels as well as three independently controllable ventilation systems.
  • Upper jaw ventilation prevents fogging of the glass.
  • Chin protection.
  • CITY ventilation mode provides the driver with optimum airflow, even during slow driving.
Schuberth C3 Pro Review

In conlusion

It was 5 helmets for motorsports. We strongly recommend that you pay attention to them, because these brands have been earning the trust of customers for many years.

In conclusion, choosing the right protective helmet is crucial when it comes to motorsport safety. After conducting an expert review, we have found that the best helmets prioritize both protection and comfort. Features such as multiple shell sizes, superior ventilation, and advanced safety technology contribute to an optimal riding experience. Ultimately, it’s important to invest in a high-quality helmet that meets safety standards and fits well to ensure the best possible protection while on the road or track. By considering the top options available and taking the time to select the right one, riders can enjoy a safer and more enjoyable experience while pursuing their passion for motorsports.

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