The best protective bike helmets expert review

A bicycle helmet is a basic cycling accessory, as it prevents injury to the head when you fall or hit it. This product is especially often used by professional athletes, fans of extreme riding and tourists. It is not uncommon for parents to buy bicycle helmets for their children to prevent serious injuries from occurring.

Now here’s a not-so-happy statistic. According to research1, about 900 people die each year in America from injuries caused by bicycle accidents, and 500,000 victims are treated in emergency rooms.

However, the same American researchers claim that bicycle helmets reduce the risk of head injuries by 50-60% and facial injuries by 20-25%. So let’s learn more about the best bicycle helmets

1. SCOTT Supra.

SCOTT Supra.

Bicycle helmet for racing or normal riding. The model is suitable for men and women, the size is not specified by the manufacturer, so it should be clarified with the manager. The product is made using the in-mold design (“decoration inside the mold”) and is a method of surface laminating plastic with a special film.

The helmet is equipped with automatic locking system holding both sides and M-R.A.S FIT SYSTEM regulation allowing 270 degree comfort angle of head embrace. The manufacturer notes excellent ventilation, but does not specify the number of openings. The visor is removable and the weight of the helmet is light, only 250 grams.


  • Extended Coverage
  • Removable visor
  • Bug Net

Main characteristics

Angle of head circumference270°
OptionsLocking and adjusting system options
Weight 250 g
Main characteristics
  • Surface coating of plastic, locking and adjusting systems
  • Manufacturer does not state the size and number of vents, you need to check with the manager
Scott Supra Plus Helmet Review

2. ALPINA Delft Mips

ALPINA Delft Mips
ALPINA Delft Mips

Model designed for cycling with MIPS technology (provides additional head protection in case of side impact). The helmet is suitable for adults of all genders with a head circumference of 51-56 centimeters. The accessory is equipped with 20 vents that increase comfort even in hot weather and a removable visor that protects from splashes, dirt and sunlight.

The shell is made of polycarbonate containing ultraviolet stabilizers and anti-static properties. The inner shell absorbs the force of impact and creates a protective cushioning of the helmet walls, it is complemented by an anti-bacterial lining that prevents the development of bacteria and odor.

Shock and scratch-resistant layer in the lower part of the wall greatly increases safety in case of side impact. The back of the product features a curved holding bracket with a width adjustment mechanism. For attaching to the head, there is a fixing strap buckle with a red button and an automatic locking buckle.


  • Ventilation openings ensure perfect air circulation;
  • Robust outer shell thanks to the 3-part construction;
  • Bottom edge of the helmet protected by Edge Protect polycarbonate shell;
  • Optimal impact absorption thanks to Hi-EPS material;
  • MIPS provides additional protection against brain injuries;
  • The combination of the Run System Ergo Flex and Mips offers many advantages: perfect adjustment, including height adjustment, comfort and safety;


Size51-56 cm
Number of vents20
SecurityMIPS technology
Weight300 g
  • MIPS technology, outer casing layer consists of polycarbonate, locking belt buckle with red button and automatic locking clasp.
  • Only for bicycle touring

3. Specialized Align II

Specialized Align II
Specialized Align II

A bicycle helmet that protects against multi-directional impacts. The model is made with MIPS technology and is equipped with Tri-Fix splitter and SX dial fit system for a comfortable fit. Optimal ventilation is created by the 4th Dimension Cooling System.

The product is designed for men and women with a head circumference of 54-56 cm and 56-58 cm, which corresponds to the sizes S and M. The accessory body is equipped with reflective elements, which ensures the safety of the cyclist in the dark. According to user reviews, the helmet is really good, but some may find it heavy (compared to other models without the MIPS system).

It’s hard to believe, but the American brand Specialized, which today makes hundreds of thousands of bikes as well as world-class S-works equipment, was once based in a rented parts trailer. That’s how Mike Sinyard got his start, returning from a bike trip across Europe. In Italy he was lucky enough to meet the legend, Cino Cinelli. With him he negotiated the first shipments of the best components across the ocean at the time. Later the first folding tires with Kevlar cord of Specialized’s own design came to the states from Japan. They immediately appeared on the wheels of cyclists and athletes. The name of the brand unambiguously indicates the level of the bicycle components. The ideology of Specialized, which is to develop and present only the best and highest quality equipment for riding, found a echo among the millions of cyclists all over the world. Today the company has a partnership with the development department of the McLaren Formula 1 team, and Mike Sinyard is an honorary member of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and Museum.


  • Equipped with the MIPS system.
  • Tri-Fix splitter for comfort and easy strap adjustment.
  • 4th Dimension Cooling System for optimal ventilation.
  • Molded casing provides rigidity and reduces weight.
  • Reflective elements for better visibility at night.


Size54-56 cm, 56-58 cm
SafetyReflective elements, MIPS system
Weight350 g
  • Made with the use of MIPS technology, which protects against various shocks, there are reflective elements
  • Some may find it heavy compared to a normal helmet (without the MIPS system)
Review: Specialized Align II

4. Lazer Blade +

Lazer Blade +
Lazer Blade +

This is an American model for highway travel, made with in mold technology. This solution increases the protective functions of the helmet by creating a monolithic upper shell with the base. Good ventilation is provided by 22 holes. Ribs reinforce stiffness. Two-level adjustment system and tapered shape around the circumference tightly fixes the helmet to the head. The construction has a stylish design.
The Blade+ helmet combines style and class with great looks and performance. This is the helmet you’ll be riding in on weekends and every day. Its narrow shape, combined with the advanced Rollsys® locking system, provides a superior fit and excellent adjustment. The helmet has 22 vents for cooling, and the weight has been reduced so you can fly on the road in comfort. The Blade+ comes complete with a bottom shell for a clean finish and extra impact protection.


  • ARS® (Advanced Rollsys® System);
  • 22 air vents;
  • Compliance with CE – CPSC – AS safety standards.


  • The presence of reflectors, lightweight, suitable for women
  • have not been identified.

5. Kellys DYNAMIC


Helmet for men with a head circumference of 50-65 centimeters. The body of the product is aerodynamic, the outer layer is made of durable plastic and the inner layer is made of soft foam material. For maximum thermal regulation there are 12 holes in the front and eight holes in the back (the last ones are covered with a mosquito net).

At the back of the head there is a mechanism for adjusting the size of the accessory. The sun visor is easy to remove and put on if necessary. There are no negative reviews about this model on the Internet.


  • Two-part casting
  • 20 large ventilation holes
  • Fabric removable visor


MaterialPlastic, polystyrene foam
Size50-54 cm, 55-59 cm, 60-65 cm
Number of vents12 in front, 8 in back
  • 20 vents, reflective elements
  • For men only
Kellys Dynamic helmet

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