The best protective helmets for skateboarding expert review

You all know that skateboarding is an extreme sport. At any time you may encounter any unwanted event and suffer any unwanted injuries. To avoid critical brain injuries, riders should wear a helmet while skateboarding.

The best skateboarding helmets are those that provide safety while skateboarding as well as comfort, durability, style, etc. That’s just the gist of it. You should know in detail about each of the factors to consider when buying a quality helmet. Also note how a skateboarding helmet differs from a bicycle helmet.

But what are the best skateboard helmets? How to figure them out? The answers to all these questions you will find in our article. It’s time to get started!

1. Triple Eight

Triple Eight
Triple Eight

Triple 8 has launched this fantastic helmet that fits all head sizes, from small to large. The only color available is matte.

Let’s take a look at the details right away. The Triple Eight skateboarding helmet meets the helmet safety standard set by the US CPSC for people over the age of five. It also meets the skate safety standards set by ASTM. The standard is ASTM F-1492.

Features of the Triple Eight helmet

Variety of sizes: there are all possible sizes. From 18.9 to 61 inches, you can choose any size of your choice. Size XS / S fits from 18.9 to 21.3 inches. Size S / M is from 21.7 to 22.8 inches. And size L / XL is 23.2 to 24 inches.

Adjustability: there is a clamping wheel attached to the helmet, so you can adjust the size according to your head size.

Body material: The helmet is made of expanded polystyrene (EPS). So you’re guaranteed light weight and enough strength to withstand hard impacts.

This helmet includes liners that absorb the rider’s sweat and give them a sense of comfort. The pads are removable.The price is quite high. So you have to spend a lot of money to buy it.
This helmet has no ventilation hole. If you live in an area with hot weather, you might feel uncomfortable from this helmet.
This helmet is double certified. So, you have CPSC and ASTM certifications. You can use it for both skateboarding and cycling.
There is a chin strap with a side buckle. So you can make any kind of adjustment to suit your needs.
Pluses and minuses of Triple Eight
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2. Pro-Tec Skate

Pro-Tec Skate
Pro-Tec Skate

Pro-Tec has been dominating the skateboarding market for almost 45 years, bringing you cool and amazing sportswear and accessories. This cool and stylish helmet from Pro-Tec is popular in many sports. The helmet has 11 open vents for good ventilation. It is tested to ASTM 1492/1447 for multiple impacts. It is on the market in 6 different sizes.

Pro-Tec features

Impact resistant: This helmet is made of an ABS plastic (impact resistant) shell with a polystyrene foam lining (certified). This shell is used to protect against multiple impacts. It is tested and ASTM-F1492 certified.

Ventilation: there are 11 vents to keep you cool while riding.
Adjustable straps: there are adjustable length straps. In addition, you will have a secure buckle with a lock.

Color: this helmet has sexy matte colors.

This helmet is stylish and made of high quality durable materials. So, you do not need to think about your protection if you use this helmet.If you like glossy colors, of course, this is not for you.
In hot weather, it’s one of the best skateboarding companions you can think of.Some users complained about the interior upholstery. Although in relation to the total number of buyers, the number of complaints is small.
The inside of the helmet features linear compression modeling pads for maximum comfort.
Since you have the advantage of adjustable straps with this helmet, you don’t have to think about retention.
Pluses and minuses of Pro-Tec
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3. OutdoorMaster


OutdoorMaster offers a helmet that is suitable for skateboarders of all ages and also suitable for all weather conditions. It is a multi-sport helmet with double certification. It also has a good ventilation system. You can get safety and comfort at the same time with this amazing product created by OutdoorMaster.

OutdoorMaster features

Removable Lining : One of the key features of this helmet is that if you’re riding on a sunny and warm day, you can easily remove the inner helmet lining and wash off the sweat.

Lifetime Warranty : OutdoorMaster gives you a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service on this skateboard and bike helmet.

Body Material : This helmet is made of a reinforced ABS plastic body and a thickened Styrofoam core that easily absorbs any degree of impact.

Color : You can get this helmet in matte colors. You can customize it and add your own design to make it to your taste and ability.

This helmet will have a secure and durable adjustment disk. In addition, an adjustable chin strap is available with it, which is pleasant to the skin and maximizes rider comfort.Some consumers have complained about the adhesive rubber that attaches the pad to the helmet.
An optional removable padding is available for different head sizes. It also helps to flush away sweat.
Perfect for all ages and genders. Also available in all possible sizes.
The cushioning ability is quite high. So the helmet ensures your complete safety
Pluses and minuses of OutdoorMaster
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4. CORE Action Sports

CORE Action Sports
CORE Action Sports

The Action Sports Helmet from Core is a skateboard helmet that combines great looks, protection, and comfort. It features a minimalist, low-profile design and large ear cutouts that make you forget you’re wearing a helmet at all. It is designed for street and park riding, but also suitable as an everyday cycling helmet.

Technical specifications

  • EPS foam lining
  • ABS outer jacket
  • 11x vents for temperature reduction
  • 3x removable and washable inner lining included
  • Size-adjustable chin straps with red safety buckle


Adjustable sizeYes
CertificationEN 1078
Type of top coverIn-mould
Inner sheathing typeEPS
Overlay materialFoam
Overlay Thickness5mm
Extra padding includedYes
SizeXS/S – 50-56
S/M –  54-58
L/XL – 56-60
Technical specifications
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5. Bullet x Santa Cruz Screaming Hand

Bullet x Santa Cruz Screaming Hand
Bullet x Santa Cruz Screaming Hand

The helmet features the iconic Screaming Hand logo from skate art legend Jim Phillips.

The helmet is the result of a collaboration between Bullet and the world famous skateboarding brand Santa Cruz. The result is a great option of protection during extreme sports for children and teenagers as well as for the average and even professional level.


  • The protective properties are high because the outer casing is made of ABS, a material that has been extensively tested.
  • Weight will not be an issue, as it features a lightweight Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS) inner shell, which absorbs shock very effectively and lasts a long time.
  • Extra pads are included so you can get a custom fit or replace worn pads.


  • Body: high density injection molded ABS plastic
  • Lining: EPS foam
  • Ventilation: ventilation system with 12 holes
  • Interior padding: 3 removable and washable elements.
  • Pads included 9 mm, 6 mm and 3 mm
  • Safety certificate: CE EN 1078

In conlusion

Skating should bring pleasure and joy, so why overshadow your favorite activity with unpleasant and unnecessary injuries? Yes, you can say that the pros skate without protection, and it’s okay. – No – this is a delusion. Pro-riders have contracts, insurance, and then it’s their job. If you want to have fun – then only with intelligence and in protection.

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